J.E. Monahan Companies

HVAC, Sheet Metal & Custom Fabrication

J.E. Monahan Companies have more than 30 years of experience in providing honest, safe, quality work.  If it is metal, we can handle it!  Take a look below for a list of custom products and services we would be happy to help you with.

TRUMPF 2030                         Maximum Thickness

*4 Kilowatt Fiber Laser             *3/4" Mild Steel

*120" X 60" Cutting Area           *5/8" Stainless Steel

                                               *1/2" Aluminum

                                               *1/8" Copper

                                               *1/8" Brass

Fabrication                                                                   HVAC                                                                     General Construction Components

*Access Ladders                                                            *Ductwork                                                              *Roof Curbs

*Platforms                                                                    *Pre-Engineered Kitchen Exhaust Systems                 *Flashing

*Catwalks                                                                     *Dust Collection Systems                                         *Coping

*Machine Guarding                                                        *Industrial Ventilation                                             *Chase Tops

*Hand Rails                                                                   *Material Conveying Ducts                                       *Chimney Caps

*Stairways                                                                    *Trim Systems

*Structural Steel Fabrication                                         *Double Wall Duct

*Custom Oven & Curing Chambers 

*Safety Cages

*Ladder Cages

*Custom Covers

*Walk Ways

*Electrical Enclosures

*Counter Tops

*Custom Fabrication Décor

*Custom Conveyors

Installation                                                                    Capabilities                                                            Materials

*Clean Room                                                                  *CAD Drawings                                                        *Tread Plates

*Intake Hoods                                                                *Forming                                                                *Grating

*Canopies                                                                      *Shearing                                                               *Colored Metal

*Guarding                                                                      *Plasma Cut                                                           *Steel

*Wall Cladding                                                               *Drilling                                                                 *Stainless Steel

*Metal Cabinetry                                                            *Punching                                                              *Aluminum

*HVAC                                                                           *Notching                                                               *Copper

     Commercial                                                              *Coping                                                                 *Galvanized

     Industrial                                                                  *Welding                                                               *Aluminized

     Large Residential                                                           MIG                                                                  *Hot Roll

*Railings                                                                             TIG                                                                   *Cold Roll

                                                                                         STICK                                                                *Zinc

                                                                                     *Band & Cold Sawing                                              *Expanded Metals

                                                                                     *Rolling                                                                 *Perforated Metals

                                                                                     *Laser Cutting                                                       *Polycarbonates

                                                                                                                                                                 *Abrasion Resistant Plates

                                                                                                                                                                 *Structural Shapes

                                                                                                                                                                 *Wire Mesh & Cloth