Material Processing

​Many projects do not require lengthy or elaborate fabrication work.  In some cases you may only require shearing or forming.  Or perhaps you need a pan made or flashing bent.  If that is what you need, you found the solution at J.E. Monahan Companies.  We have a fully equipped fabrication shop capable of shearing, plasma cutting, laser cutting, bending, rolling, MIG welding, TIG welding or STICK welding.

Plan & Spec Fabrication

If your project is in need of a weldment of any type you have found the right team.  Our experienced fabricators are ready to provide you with the best customer service and quality work the industry has to offer.  From miscellaneous metals to full fabrication and installation packages we will offer you the most honest, quality service and product you can find.

J.E. Monahan Companies

HVAC, Sheet Metal & Custom Fabrication


In 1989 J.E. Monahan Metals, Inc. was founded on the principals of producing quality sheet metal work and satisfied customers.  Those principals have been the backbone of our company and the driving force of our continuous growth ever since.  Our duct is fabricated and installed to the latest SMCNA standards.  We have the capabilities to work with a wide range of materials from standard galvanized duct to specialty coated stainless such as Viron or PSP.  Our team is ready and willing to provide you with high quality HVAC sheet metal packages at competitive prices.  If you have any questions about or capabilities and/or experience please feel free to call our office and speak with an estimator.

Laser Cutting

​Laser cutting is the most advanced form of sheet material cutting.  It offers speed, versatility, and precision.  This combination leads itself to being the most efficient way for us to bring your project from sheet to assembly.  In 2015 J.E. Monahan Fabrications, LLC. purchased a Trumpf TruLaser 2030 - 4000 Watt Fiber Laser Machine.  Our dual cassette system and bulk nitrogen storage allows for continuous production.  Whether you need one unit or thousands, our setup will produce  efficient results every time. 

Custom Fabrication

​J.E. Monahan companies provide one team to fulfill your fabrication needs.  From conception to delivery your fabrication vision will take shape in our facility.  Each project is carried out with great attention to your specifications by our team of highly qualified fabricators.  Whether you are looking for a single component or a complex assembly we will deliver.